Copyright and Warranties
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The display of images depicting industries in which Hydraulic Resource’s equipment could be deployed in no way implies that any specific manufacturer whose vehicles, ships and oil rigs can be identified are using Hydraulic Resource’s range of pumps. They are simply displayed as a small sample of the type of machinery on which Hydraulic Resource’s pumps and spares could be used in each industry. The photos were sourced from the internet – in many cases from public domain photo sites – and were checked to be free to share, even commercially.

Warranty Policy
Gear Pump Manufacturing and Hydraulic Resource, hereinafter referred to as ‘GPM’ and ‘G.P.M/H.R. Western Australia’ warrants all of its products to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from date of invoice in Australia.
Limitations on Warranty
This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other warranties expressed or implied including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The purchasers’ sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be limited to the repair, replacement or exchange of warranted products at our option, FOB G.P.M/H.R. Hydraulic Resource factory.

No special, incidental, consequential or other damage shall be recoverable. ‘GPM’ and G.P.M/H. R. Western Australia shall not be liable for consequential damages or contingent liabilities including, but not limited to loss of life, personal injury, loss of crops, loss due to fire or water damage loss of business income, down time cost and trade or other commercial loss arising out of the failure of the product ‘GPM’ and GPM/H. R. Western Australia will in no event be liable for any sum in excess of the price received by it for the product for which liability is claimed or asserted.

Disclaimer ‘Hydraulic Resource Product Guide’
All data has been compiled in conjunction with Hydraulic Resource and GPM. Data are average results based on a series of tests and are not necessarily representative of any single unit. Hydraulic Resource reserves the right to amend the technical data without notice. The tests were conducted using ISO 68 Grade oil at 40 degrees centigrade.

While most of the components are interchangeable with some other brands, the GPM/HR product is solely manufactured for the express use in GPM/HR assembled units and their repair. Use of GPM components in other brands is solely at the discretion of the purchaser.

Accuracy of Information
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this website and in the PDF files are correct. Hydraulic Resource disclaims responsibility for any action, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, costs, losses and expenses in relation to or arising out of incorrect use of this information.

Hydraulic Resource reserves the right to make changes to the information provided from time to time as becomes necessary.